Seasons in Spain

By: Carina Atwood
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WINTER: Dec to mid-March

Though cold, winter in Madrid is usually quite dry, and for those not looking for sun-tanning weather it can be a very refreshing time of the year to visit the city. It occasionally snows in the center, but it rarely accumulates. While there is certainly no shortage of activity in the city, there are far less tourist than at other times of the year, resulting in smaller crowds at museums and other tourist centers, off-season rates at hotels etc.

SPRING: mid-March through May

Spring is one of the most pleasant times of the year to visit Madrid. The long days are generally warm and the nights cool. The nightlife goes up a notch, as the warmth seems to get the blood (and beer) flowing. Large numbers of young people take to the streets for the all-night 'marcha' and all the outdoor cafes open up.

SUMMER: June through August

Temperature-wise, Madrid's summer should really be divided into two sections; the pleasant summer and very hot summer. The former may or may not last all through June, and then begins again in mid to late August. This is a good time of the year to visit Madrid, especially to enjoy the long warm nights in June, when the street life is at its best.


Like spring, autumn is an excellent time for a visit. The city's mood is quite different as everyone has recently returned to work or school after the August holidays, and people are relieved that the intense July sun is behind them. There are also plenty of cultural activities going on. Late in autumn there is always the risk of some rain, but its rarely so much that an umbrella can't cope. suitable clothing: Like spring you have to bring clothes for a range of temperatures. Its unlikely to get so cold that a decent sweater can't cope though.

photo by: tylerdurden1

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