International Airports in France

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France, being one of the most visited countries in the world has international airports at all of its big cities and regional airports in almost all parts of the country.

Charles De Gaulle Paris International Airport is located at around 14.5 miles (23 km.) northeast of France. It is France's largest airport and holds almost 10 million passengers annually. Free shuttle services are available for each terminal and RER runs to the city. There are TGV trains that travel to and from the airport to distant destinations.

Paris Orly International Airport is located at around 9 miles (14 km.) south of Paris, France. This airport has been built earlier than Charles de Gaulle. A shuttle train is available for its two terminals . Trains, buses, shuttles and taxis are available in the airport.

Bordeaux International Airport is located in the south of France. It is famous for its systematic facility for flights to Southern Europe. The airport has expressways and public transports for travelers.

Lyon Saint- Exupery International Airport is located at the center of France. It is a suitable choice for those who are traveling to the Alps. There are high- speed trains and bus networks available in this airport.

Carriers wiht routes to US and France:
- Air France (1-800-AF-PARIS)
- Air Tahiti Nui (1-877-824-4846)
- American Airlines (800.433.7300)
- British Airways (800.247.9297)
- Continental Airlines (800.231.0856)
- Delta (800.241.4141)
- United Airlines (800.241.6522)
- USAirways (800.428.4322)
- North West Airlines (1-800-447-4747)

Carriers from UK to France:
- Air France (0181.742.6600)
- British Airways (0181.759.2313)
- Caledonian Airways (01293.567100)
- Bluebird Express (01444.235678)*

Domestic Airlines in France:
- Air France (0820 820 820)

*charter flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham

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